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88th Completes Transfer
to Venezia-Giulia Sector

With all major units moved into their areas and relief of the various units of the 34th Division completed, the 88th assumed command of its new sector at noon Wednesday [3 October 1945].

Relieving "Red Bull" outfits, unit for unit, the infantry regiments took over the bulk of the occupation area, with Division Artillery and the four artillery battalions located in or near Gorizia.

Smallest zone of actual occupation among the infantry regiments fell to the 351st "Spearhead" Regiment, which assumed control from the 16th Infantry of the extreme northern part of the division area, fanning out around Tarvisio, with the regimental CP at Lave. Bordering on Austria to the north and directly on Yugoslavia proper to the east, the 351st section adjoins the 349th's area to the south at Passo di Predil.

Longest Territory to 349th

Longest of the Territorial assignments fell to the "Krautkillers" of the 349th, replacing the 133rd Infantry along the Morgan Line, which snakes through central Venezia-Giulia. Directed from headquarters at Gorizia, men of the regiment will occupy a region stretching south from Pass di Predil to the Isonzo River at Savonga, and then along the Vipacco River to near the town of Montespino.

The 350th "Battle Mountain" Regiment moved into a reserve position near its CP at Tarcento, replacing the 135th. These units and the 88th Reconnaissance Troop, which replaced its 34th counterpart, assumed command on Monday [1 October].

The artillery shifts were as follows: 337th Field Artillery Battalion relieved the 125th Field Artillery Battalion; 338th Field Artillery Battalion relieved the 151st Field Artillery Battalion; 913th Field Artillery Battalion relieved the 175th Field Artillery Battalion; and the 339th, a 150mm battalion, relieved the 135th. Division Artillery took over the 34th Division Artillery Headquarters at Gorizia.

Other reliefs saw the 313th Medical Battalion and 313th Engineer Battalion replace the 109th Medical and 109th Engineer battalions, while the 788th Ordnance Company took over from the 734th Ordnance and 88th Quartermaster Company relieved the 34th Quartermaster at Udine.

Attached units released from the 34th for attachment to the 88th Division were the 752nd Tank Battalion, with headquarters at Cormons, the 58th Ordnance Ammunition Supply Company and Detachment "C", 2603rd Signal Film and Equipment Exchange.

Along with Division Headquarters and 88th Signal Company, units of Special Troops are situated in or near Cividale.

Quiet Reigned

It was all quiet on the eastern front Wednesday, as the command of the Venezia-Giulia sector was tossed lightly from the horns of the "Red Bulls" to those of the "Blue Devils". Save for an occasional blue clover leaf catching the eyes amid scores of skull-on-s insignia, the scene remained little changed.

Business as usual was the order of the day. Only the Division Radio Station, making its station break - a modest "this is the AES station with the 88th 'Blue Devil' Division" - cued in the arrival of the wearers of the double eight.

Source: The [88th Inf. Div.] Blue Devil, The [34th Inf.Div.] Red Bulletin [combined edition]. Vol. 1, No. 16. 5 October 1945. pp. 1,8.
Further information may be found at the Operational Instructions, 34th Infantry Division webpage.

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