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Four Continents Piaza Unita d'Italia
Courtesy of Hector Thomas, Canada

Courtesy of Hector Thomas, Canada
Entrance to Gibraltar Barracks Lazzaretto
Montebello Barracks
Courtesy of Hector Thomas, Canada

Courtesy of Jim Crow
Entrance to Rossetti Barracks
now Caserma Vittorio Emanuele III

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HQ 55 Area, Assicurazioni Generali Building,
circa 1945, later to become
HQ 24 Guards Brigade and HQ BETFOR

(Notice the Yugoslav soldier and
his girlfriend strolling by!)

Courtesy of Marco Molino, Assicurazioni Generali

Courtesy of Hector Thomas, Canada
NAAFI Club (our Lonely Hearts Club?)
German Cemetery at Cortina.
Taken by Arthur Bell whilst on leave there.

Courtesy of Arthur Bell
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