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An historic occasion: Percy Bartlett, Hon. Treasurer, Guido Rosignoli, Hon. Secretary, and Jim Crow, Hon. Chairman (l. to r.), meeting for the first time ever to discuss "The way forward" for The BETFOR Association. Taken in the Conservative Club, Farnham, Surrey on 19th February 2003.
Courtesy of Jim Crow.

Courtesy of Arthur Bell.
Back to barracks after football training.
(This is the full-size image.}
Cpl George Studholme (No 2) and mate Hall at starting point.
(This is the full-size image.}

Courtesy of George Studholme.

Courtesy of George Studholme.
George Studholme and Jack Whitman testing a "Dingo".
(This is the full-size image.}
George Studholme at start of Motorbike Trials, near Trieste City centre.
Courtesy of Arthur Bell.

Courtesy of George Studholme.
Concert party organised (by lad called French) in aid of an orphanage near the Barracks - Trieste 1948.
Arthur Bell camping.
Courtesy of Arthur Bell.

Courtesy of Arthur Bell.
Arthur Bell with mate Harry in Piazza Unita.
Arthur Bell holding up his Nissen hut at Lazzaretto.
Courtesy of Arthur Bell,

Courtesy of Arthur Bell.
Arthur Bell asleep in his Nissen hut on Christmas morning 1948 - the only day in the year the barrack room could look like this!!
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