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News and Notes

New Photo Galleries

Ken Kemp in 227 Pro Coy with BETFOR has kindly given us a collection of photographs from his time in Trieste. They are now online as new Photo Galleries for and of the 227 Pro Coy RMP.


The BETFOR Association: Status of Operations

It had been decided by the Committee of this Association that the surplus funds could most properly be donated toward the comfort and support of wounded servicemen at the Defence Services Medical Rehabilitation Centre (DSMRC) Headley Court.

Their external support is largely derived through the Registered Charity Help for Heroes. The interaction between these two organisations has been discussed both on this website and in its Message Board.

The following is a transcription of the acknowledgement letter received from Help for Heroes with reference to our distribution of funds to that worthy charity. The quality of the letter image presented to this writer was not adequate for placement on our website.

                          Help for Heroes
                      Support for our Wounded

Re donation :-
   In Memory of the Late Mr Jim Crow
   and the Betfor Association                    22nd February 2008

Help for Heroes gratefully acknowledges The Betfor Association's 
generous donation of 5000.00  It is very much appreciated and we 
will ensure that it is used to directly support our wounded.  
As a new charity run on a largely voluntary basis with most of our 
overheads covered by sponsorship, we ensure that your donations go 
toward the cause rather than into administrative overheads.

Thank you so much for your donation, it is greatly needed and 

Thumbs Up !

Yours sincerely

[signature of Laura Williamson]
Laura Williamson

An electronic copy of the image, as received, will be sent to members upon e-mail request.


Now take a look at the rest of your website ...

The BETFOR Association Constitution.

The BETFOR Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum.

BETFOR 'Order of Battle', the formations which served in BETFOR.

'Heritage of the BETFOR and XIII Corps Formations, Trieste and Venezia Giulia, 1945-1954', looking more deeply at the Regiments and Corps listed in the 'Order of Battle' above. (Slow loading)

Gallery 1 Photos, primarily of places.
Gallery 2 Photos, primarily of parades.
Gallery 3 Photos, primarily of people.
Gallery 4 Photos, primarily of people.
Trieste Scenic Postcards (Coloured).
227 Pro Coy RMP (Several photo collections).

Message Board; a place to say 'Hello', to ask questions.

Listing of the Association's Members.

It's Better By Bus. Do you remember riding the buses on the Trieste - Villach route?

External Resource Links for the best that the Internet has to offer us.

and elsewhere in the Military History Network area ...

1949 UN Reports • Free Territory of Trieste, the Allied Military Government side of our mission and presence.

Trieste: An Historical Perspective, prepared by TRUST veteran Chuck Nobles, includes a number of news and information reports on interactions with BETFOR and the community from 1945 to 1954.
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