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      Current News

BBC News Middle East []
Minute-by-Minute Headlines from and about Iraq and the Middle East.
Orders of Battle []
Daily Summaries from and about Iraq and the Middle East.

      BETFOR-related Websites

24 Guards Brigade
World War II Order of Battle
Survey's Trieste Adventure
3rd Survey Regiment, RA, XIII Corps
Trieste: Caught Red-Handed
93 Special Investigation Section and the vanishing gramophone records.

      Principal Documents

Allied Statements on Trieste Dispute with Yugoslavia
19 May 1945
Agreement for the Provisional Administration of Venezia Giulia
Signed at Belgrade on 9 June 1945; Came into force 9 June 1945.
Tripartite Agreement on Venezia Giulia
25 June 1945
Italian Peace Treaty
Signed at Paris on 10 February 1947; Came into force on 15 September 1947
Memorandum of Understanding Regarding the Free Territory of Trieste
Signed at London on 5 October 1954; Came into force on 5 October 1954.

      Historical Studies

Bernard Meares - Where the Balkans begin
Twenty-Five Lectures on Modern Balkan History
The Balkans in the Age of Nationalism. Lectures 21 and 22 especially apply to our WW II and Cold War times.
AMG Venezia Giulia
1945-1947: Why we had to stay there, How we went about it.
"One More River" - 2nd New Zealand Division
The final week: liberation of Trieste and Gorizia.
British Artillery in World War 2
7th Armoured Division "Desert Rats"

      Divisions, Regiments, and their Organisation

British Divisions - WW II
British & Commonwealth Orders of Battle
British Army Roll of Regiments 1945 [website not currently online]

      And a few extra offerings!

Tom Cohoon's TRUST/BETFOR Website
The "Old Soldiers' Home"
AIAT - Agenzia di Informazione e di Accoglienza Turistica - Trieste
Trieste Tourism Information and Welcoming Agency (English)
Flag of the Free Territory of Trieste
EG Frames Militaria UK
Source for, and guide to, Army Badges and Medals.
"The D-Day Dodgers"
sung to the tune of "Lili Marlene"
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