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BETFOR 'Order of Battle'

24th Infantry Brigade

RegimentPeriod in Trieste   LocationRemarks
1st Scots GuardsMay 45 - May 46Rossettifrom 24 Guards Brigade
2nd Coldstream GuardsMay 45 - May 46 from 24 Guards Brigade
1st London Irish RiflesMay 45 - Dec 46 from 167 (L) Inf Bde
1st London ScottishMay 45 - Dec 46Rossettifrom 167 (L) Inf Bde
9th Royal FusiliersMay 45 - Dec 46 Polafrom 167 (L) Inf Bde
1st King's Own RegtMay 45 - May 50Rossettifrom 10 Indian Div
7th North Staffordshire RegtNov 45 - Aug 46Lazzaretto 
4th Dorset RegtApr 46 - Sep 46 from Germany
Royal Northumberland FusiliersApr 46 - Sep 46 from Austria, 10 Indian Div
1st Royal Sussex RegtApr 46 - Jun 47Sistianafrom Austria, 61 Bde,
to Palestine
1st Welch RegtApr 46 - Jun 47 from Austria, 61 Bde,
to Palestine
2nd Queen's Own Cameron HighlandersAug 46 - Mar 47Rossettifrom Austria, 61 Bde,
to Palestine
1st Worcestershire RegtAug 46 - May 47Rossetti/Polafrom Germany, 13 Bde,
to Germany
1st Ox & Bucks Light InfantryAug 46 - May 47Rossettifrom Germany, 13 Bde,
to Germany
2nd Essex RegtAug 46 - May 47Lazzarettofrom Germany, 13 Bde,
to Mestre
1st Border RegtOct 46 - Mar 47  
2nd Royal ScotsJun 47 - Dec 48Rossetti 
2nd South Lancashire RegtSep 47 - Feb 51Lazzaretto 
1st CameroniansDec 48 - Dec 49Rossetti 
1st Northamptonshire RegtNov 49 - Sep 52Rossetti 
1st South Lancashire RegtMay 50 - Feb 51Lazzaretto 
1st North Staffordshire RegtFeb 51 - Jun 53Lazzaretto 
1st Loyal RegtFeb 51 - Jun 54Rossetti 
1st Suffolk RegtMay 53 - Aug 54Rossettifrom Colchester,
to Wuppertal, Germany
2nd Lancashire FusiliersJun 53 - Oct 54Lazzaretto, Rossetti 

For the benefit of the Yanks, "4th Dorset Regt" does not signify the 4th of many Dorset Regiments, but the 4th Battalion of the one Dorset Regiment. All of the units above were Battalions assigned to BETFOR's 24th Infantry Brigade, its predecessors 24th Guards Brigade, or other elements of XIII Corps.

Support Units

Royal Signals
24 Guards Brigade Signal Squadron, later BETFOR Signal Squadron, Via Donadoni
Royal Engineers
Commander Royal Engineers Works, Villa Necca
66 Independent Field Squadron RE, San Giovanni Barracks
342 Army Troops Squadron RE
Royal Military Police
227 Provost Company, Piazza Oberdan
Royal Artillery
S Field Battery 12th Anti Tank Regt RA
Royal Ordnance Corps
?, Montebello Barracks
Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
768 Static Workshops REME, Montebello
20th Infantry Workshops REME, Montebello
Royal Army Medical Corps
83rd General Military Hospital
Intelligence Corps
Trieste Security Office, Via Coroneo
Royal Army Service Corps
65 Company RASC, Montebello
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