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Fort Slocum, NY

Davids' Island, New Rochelle, NY

This website is created as a focal point to identify various efforts by those who have served or lived at Fort Slocum, who remember it for various reasons, and who would preserve its history: the birth (1861), life, and death (1965) of a military post in Long Island Sound, New York.

Hopefully to bloom into a full division of the Military History Network, for now this webpage points to several sigificant online activities underway ...

The original online effort (the most early visible effort so far as I know) came from Michael Cavanaugh. His personal website,
opens with a historical overview of Fort Slocum and then breaks into three subordinate pages:
 • Fort Slocum, its recent history;
 • Davids' Island & Fort Slocum: Some Overviews;
 • The Duckworth Chant, Sound Off, and the Jody Call.
Those subordinate webpages present a wealth of history, maps, photographs, anecdotes, further links.

Following the visit of a group to Davids' Island in September 2007, Harold Crocker created both a Flickr 'hcftslocum's photos' collection at
and a Yahoo Group 'Fort Slocum Friends' at

What and where is this mystical military fortress? It's about a half-mile offshore from New Rochelle. The Army ferries used to leave from the end of Fort Slocum Road (still on the maps); but the ferry is no more. Majestic trees once lined the parade ground. The last of the soldiers left in 1965; but the entire post is covered with those trees which have naturally spread.

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Fort Slocum NY, 1921 photo

Fort Slocum NY, 1952 map

Davids' Island NY, satellite, 2005?

Davids' Island, NY, Google Earth, 2005?

Documents recently received and placed online here as PDF files are:
 • NEW Fort Slocum Historical Association, a collection of published documents (1.5 MB);
 • NEW Transportation Corps Officers' Training Class 9, a 1943 'classbook' (11.5 MB).

If you have any past connection with Fort Slocum, or can contribute to the preservation of its history, please contact Patrick Skelly.

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