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An Overview for:
The Military Chaplaincy of the U.S. Army,
Focusing on World War II Chaplains in Combat

This CD or webpage serves as the introduction to a 'Capstone' paper on 'World War II Chaplains in Combat', together with its supporting historiography and presentations. This work, by Patrick Skelly, was the culmination of studies for a Masters degree in Military History, awarded in June 2007 by the School of Graduate Studies, Norwich University, Northfield VT.

The principal files are:
   • pskelly.pdf : 'Capstone' paper, with bibliography.
   • pskellyhist.pdf : Historiography, a review of pre-existing studies.
   • pskellyfull.pdf : full Presentation, with Thompson and Stevens audio/visual content.
   • pskellyabbrev.pdf : abbreviated Presentation, without audio/visual content.

The full Presentation, 23.3 MB, includes an audio excerpt from Chaplain (Col. Ret.) Parker Thompson's Eulogy for Wallace Hale and a George Stevens (Army Signal Corps) filmclip of Chaplain (Capt.) David Max Eichhorn conducting the first postwar Shabbat service at Dachau.

The abbreviated Presentation, 5.4 MB, was created later for to assist those who might have space-restricted online access.

Other Papers:

Several shorter papers prepared at Norwich University are placed both in the CD and as links in the online website:
   • pskelly1.pdf : Terror, Terrorism, Terrorists: Is 'War' an Appropriate Response? Is 'War' the Proper Word?
   • pskelly2.pdf : Evolution in 'The Western Way of War': Continuity, Punctuated Equilibrium, Neither?
   • pskelly3.pdf : Century 19.5: An Interregnum for Military Technology Evolution.
   • pskelly4.pdf : Command Relationships in the World War II China-Burma-India Theater.

Technical Remarks:

All research files and initial draft work were created with Bare Bones BBEdit software in 'plain text' [.txt] and HTML [.html] formats. The paper and historiography were created and edited with Apple Pages publishing software. The presentation was created, and presented, using Apple Keynote presentation software. They were then exported as PDF files; and final editing was done with the Adobe Acrobat 8 Pro software.

It is my intention that all of my 'polished' work in digital form be released as Portable Document Format [.pdf] files; this is the most broadly accessible and non-distortable form of formatted information for public presentation.

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The author is now Senior Historian with the Gold Star Military Museum and Education Center, Iowa National Guard, at Camp Dodge IA and the President of the 34th Infantry Division Association

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