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Free Territory of Trieste

Quarterly Reports of Allied Forces Trieste,
Submitted to the United Nations Security Council

Under the terms of the 1947 Peace Treaty with Italy, a Governor for the Free Territory of Trieste was to be selected and appointed by the United Nations Security Council. Until such appointment was made, the United States, Great Britain, and Yugoslavia were to administer and protect that Territory.

Quarterly reports were submitted by the Anglo-American Allied Military Government to the United Nations, detailing the recovery and evolution of that part of the Territory in their "Zone A". The overview information from these reports is now placed online for your study; we look for more to come.

Provisions were made in the Treaty for the three nations to provide a garrison of 5,000 troops each in support of the emerging government, to be withdrawn at a point after the Governor had taken control of the Territory. Relations between the American and British governments on the one hand, and the Yugoslav government and communist bloc on the other hand, were such that the area of the Territory was divided into two zones. Zone A, administered by Allied Forces Trieste - the American and British contingents - was primarily the metropolitan area, while Zone B, administered by the Yugoslavs, was primarily the hinterland.

The Governor was never appointed. Although several well-qualified candidates had been proposed, the East and West Blocs could not come to agreement on political and strategic issues. They essentially agreed to disagree, until 1954 when Italy, Yugoslavia, and the major powers said 'enough!' At that time, with minor boundary adjustments, Zone A passed into Italian adminisitration, Zone B into Yugoslav administration.

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