A Brief Overview of United States Air Force

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Air Force

The air force is a branch of the armed forces of the United States. It was first started in 1907 as a part of the US Army Signal Corps. It is also considered the second youngest branch of the US armed forces.

The United States Air Force is associated with military service and is organized by the Department of Air force, one of the three defense departments. The head of this group is the Secretary of the Air Force, who the President generally appoints from the confirmation of the Senate.

According to the reports from 2017, the US air force operates over 5,300 military aircraft with the world’s largest budget of $56.3 billion and is also the second largest of the armed forces.

The Chief of Staff of the Air force is the highest ranking in this branch, and supervises the overall units and maintains the decorum of the entire department. In addition, the air force pilots/staff are assigned to unified combatant commands. These commanders have delegated forces that help in times of war or crisis.

The members of the US Air force conduct independent operations and provide military support for all the naval and land forces. They also offer recovery and rescue of troops in a field.

US Air Force

Missions of the US Air Force

The USAF’s purpose and missions are defined under Section 9062 of the Title 10 US Code. They are as follows:

  • To support all the national policies
  • To implement all the national objectives
  • To overcome all nations which act aggressively and imperil the security and peace of the United States.
  • To maintain security and stability in the nation
  • To provide defense against enemies whenever necessary

The group’s core missions are mentioned separately, which determines their importance among the abovementioned missions. Some of the core missions of this group include:

  • Integrated global intelligence: it is the integration of planning and plotting for the success of an operation, its processing, integration, and dissemination across global operations.
  • Air supremacy is the degree of dominance of the US air force over the others. It also includes maintaining air supremacy even in missions, including the land or sea.
  • Reconnaissance and air surveillance
  • Increasing rapid global mobility in the nation: Rapid mobility is mainly related to the deployment, redeployment, sustainment, augmentation, employment, and other capabilities of the forces across the ROMO.
  • Performing global strikes: It is mainly the ability to strike rapidly with a wide range of munitions, which creates effect across multiple domains and affects the enemies
  • Command and control: Command and control is the ability to exercise authority for the commander in charge of the accomplishment of a mission and take the necessary steps to guide the members of the troops.


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