A Complete Walkthrough on U.S. Armed Forces

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U.S. Armed Forces

The United States Armed Forces are also called the nation’s military forces, which help in wars. They mainly comprise the following six services – Air Force, Navy, Space Force, Army, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. The President heads all the forces and is the commander-in-chief for these bodies, which are governed by the Homeland Security Department and the Department of Defense policies.

All six bodies of the armed forces have shown revolutionary work since the American Revolutionary War, marking a successful history of the United States. The troops not only employed a significant role in the American Civil War but equally contributed to the Barbary Wars in preserving the union.

In terms of personnel, they are considered one of the most significant military forces, gathered from a pool of professional volunteers. Due to their large budget of $693 million, they offer services in other defense and power projection, which is one of the primary reasons for their advancement and deployment of forces, even outside the United States.

U.S. Armed Forces

Service branches of the U.S. Armed Forces

As mentioned earlier, the armed forces are divided into six coequal military service branches, five of which fall under the organizational structure of the Department of Defense military.

The Army

It is a land-service part of the U.S. Armed forces, founded on June 14, 1775. Their duties include:

  • Prompt and sustained land combats and wars
  • The combined operation of the arms
  • Special functions in times of need
  • Sustain theater for the joint forces
  • Integrate the collective, national, and multinational power on the land

Marine Corps

It is a maritime-service branch of the armed forces, which was disbanded and reestablished on July 11, 1798. The body works closely with its sister service- the Navy, and is responsible for expeditionary warfare and amphibious warfare operations. The body is divided into the fleet marine force and the supporting establishment.

The Navy

The Navy is a part of the U.S. armed forces, which is responsible for conducting all maritime operations after diving them into specific groups:

  • Power projection
  • Controlling conditions in the sea
  • Deterrence
  • Maritime security
  • Sealift

The Air Force

The U.S. Air Force is the only body that controls all the national air security activities, which started on August 1, 1907. The body performs various duties, some of which include:

  • Global air strikes
  • Global intelligence, reconnaissance, and surveillance
  • Air superiority
  • Global mobility
  • Air command and control

The Space Force

The Space Force

This armed forces branch is responsible for consulting all the security activities in space and was established on July 1, 1954. The primary duties of this body include:

  • Combat power projection
  • Space security
  • Information mobility
  • Space mobility and logistics
  • Awareness of the space domain

The Coastal Guard

This body of the armed forces falls under maritime security for search and rescue missions. The main functions include:

  • Waterway and port security
  • Living marine resource protection
  • Marine environment protection
  • Drug interdiction and aids for navigation

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