Special Forces of the US Military

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US Military

After undergoing drastic impacts, changes, and other formations in their systems, the United States Armed forces are rated number one worldwide. The US military’s armed forces are divided into six categories: Navy, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Space Force. Every top has its own missions, which ought to be fulfilled in need of the hour. However, in case of emergencies or special assignments, elite special forces are formed to achieve the targets. Sometimes, these special forces are also formed and appointed for emergency tasks which can be the need of the hour.

The US military comprises the roughest and most brutal soldiers ready to fight the jaws of death. Within the ranks, special operations are held by the elite ones of the group.

Here are some of the special forces of the US military

The green berets

They are one of our military’s most famous special forces, which President Kennedy in the 1960s formed. They were known for wearing the unique headgear of the British commandos of World War II. The personnel from the royal navy, army and RAF who serve within the 3 Commando Brigade still wear these head gears.

The members should also pass the All Arms Commando Course to join this special force.

The night stalkers

They are also popularly called the 160th special operations aviation regiment for airborne attacks. They are special forces of the aviation army and provide air support for special operations. Since they are involved in missions mainly conducted at night, they’re called night stalkers. This group was also a part of the Osama Bin Laden attack.


This particular force is a part of the Marine Corps’ anti-terrorism security. They are also a part of the security force regiment, where the guards have sensitive naval installations in nukes and other locations of high value. In 2012, the team was sent to Libya to attack Benghazi.

75th Ranger regiment

This group, also known as the Army Rangers, is responsible for handling sensitive raids in hostile environments. They’re also involved in killing or targeting the high-value and most wanted targets due to their high precision and secrecy of missions.

Navy SEALs

Navy SEALs

SEAL stands for Sea, Air, and Land teams which work together to perform their attacks in various environments like the Arctic, mountains, deserts, jungles, and the sea. They typically gather intelligence behind enemy lines and are also responsible for focusing on high-profile targets.

Delta Force

They’re also called the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, one of the most secretive army groups and special forces. The members of this force rarely wear a uniform and often can’t find pictures or about them on the internet. But, again, this is due to the highly secretive tasks they are into.

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