The History of the United States During World War II

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World War II

The history of military deployment primarily started around the Second World War with the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941 and ended when Japan surrendered on September 2, 1945. Although the US nearly remained neutral during the wars, they also publicly declared shoot on sight on September 11, 1941. This effectively declared war on Germany and Italy. Many Americans served in the armed forces during this time, while many were wounded and wounded. After the war at Pearl Harbor, the defeat of Germany and France was a mere priority for the United States.

The origins of the Second World War

Although the Americans were hostile in nature, the amount of aid which has to be provided to the allies was a controversial topic, especially after the First World War. After their neutrality acts during the war, they did not play any role in the second Italo-Ethiopian war. At the beginning of World War II, many nations were allowed to seek American aid for war materials based on cash and carry. However, the assistance for Britain and UK was still limited due to their overtime beef.

Due to this, by 1940, the United States became the ‘Arsenal of Democracy for all its Allies by supplying raw materials and money required to fight the war. The expansion of the US armed forces‘ expansion began only after France’s sudden defeat. Then, after Germany attacked the Soviet Union, America started sending help to the union, China and Britain.

Second World War

American volunteers for the war

Before America entered World War II in 1941, many armed American forces contributed individually and volunteered to fight the Axis powers. However, since this act of joining a foreign army with American citizenship was illegal, many lost their citizenship and became Canadian citizens.

Claire L Chennault created the first military aviation during this time, called Flying Tigers. The American pilots from the air force also joined the Chinese air force to fight against Japan.

The strategic bombing on Germany

After a series of ups and downs, America finally entered the Second World War, and numerous bombing runs were made at the industrial heart of Germany. Bombs like B-17 and B-24 were sued in daylight for precision and accuracy.

During mid-1942, the USAAF pilots, also called the Flying Fortresses, raided across all the English channels. Despite their goals and targets, the Air force and the US government were hesitant to bomb the German town indiscriminately. Instead, they focused on precision bombing vital locations like shipyards, railroad junctions, power plants, airfields, steel mills, etc.

This idea of precision bombing caused widespread damage, especially from a military viewpoint. However, this plan was successful when 50,000 civilians were killed, and the attacks destroyed almost the entire city of Hamburg.

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