The Most Important Battles of World War II

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World War II

The Second World War is undoubtedly one of the deadliest events that mankind has ever witnessed. It was one of the most significant conflicts in history; it is almost impossible to grasp the level of destruction and damage it has inflicted upon humanity. In many ways, WW II was the first modern War and claimed over 60 million lives. World War II began in 1939 with the invasion of Nazi Germany of Poland. The invasion pitted major power countries against each other – Britain, the United States, Russia, and France against Italy, Germany, and Japan. The War lasted six long years and resulted in the fall of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Imperial Japan. Here are some of the most critical battles of World War II:

Battle of Midway, 1942:

Battle of Midway was a destructive naval battle in the Pacific Ocean fought entirely with aircraft. The battle lasted from 4th June 1942 to 7th June 1942, just six months after Imperial Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. The United States destroyed Japan’s carrier strength and trained naval pilots during the bloody battle. The battle had a devastating effect on the Japanese fleet, from which Imperial Japan never fully recovered. The credit for the success of the fight goes to the American Cryptographers, who were quick to decipher the date and location of the planned attack, thus enabling the U.S Navy to prepare for a counter-ambush.

Battle of Moscow, 1942:

Battle of Moscow, 1942:

The battle of Moscow was fought between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union during the three-month period from 30th September 1941, to 7th January 1942. Moscow, the capital and the largest city of the Soviet Union, was one of the primary locations of military importance during World War II. As such, Adolf Hitler wanted to capture Moscow or, rather, be razed to the ground. Nazi Germany’s initial rapid advances were met with fierce Soviet resistance and harsh winter weather. The War ended all intentions of Nazi Germany to capture Moscow and officially marked the doom of the Third Reich.

Battle of Stalingrad, 1943:

The battle of Stalingrad was one of the major battles on the Eastern front during World War II, where Nazi Germany fought against the Soviet Union for the city of Stalingrad (now known as Volgograd). The city of Stalingrad was of immense military importance, which is precisely why Nazi Germany wanted to capture it. The city produced armaments and tractors and was a critical linking point with the southern part of the Soviet Union. The ferocious battle lasted six months and started on 23rd August 1942 to 2nd February 1943. With over 2 million causalities, the battle of Stalingrad is the deadliest battle of World War II. The battle successfully stopped the German advance into the Soviet Union and turned the War in favor of the Allies.

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